Hardware Maintenance

Did you just get your Laptop Computer or Desktop Computer, and you want to use it for 5 years or more before you change it?.

Here are some Maintenance Tips you need, to keep  your hardware safe and secure…..

Hard-Disk / Hard- Drive 

Your Hard-Disk is your Information Centre. A location were all of your Files, Documents and Folders are stored, Without it your system will not Boot.

To keep it safe, you need to know these

External Hard Drive:

images (20)

  • Case – There are case for an Hard-Drive. It is meant to protect the Outer case from scratch. It is very important for it preserves the Beauty of the Outer Layer of Hard-Disk.

images (21)

  • Keep Safe  your  Hard-Disk should be kept safe especially out of children’s reach… An Hard-Disk is a very Fragile Hardware, A little fall leads to great damage.
  • Avoid watching movies directly through an External Hard-Disk.


Your Monitor Displays every Commands you enter. Without it you wouldn’t be able to do nothing. Good Monitors make System fun to operate.

images (23)

To keep it safe you need these tips

  • Avoid tempering with your monitor using sharp objects because for every touch there are scratch.
  • When with a Backpack make sure the Monitor is facing your back to avoid unpleasant push that might damage
  • Avoid spillage of anykind on the Monitor.
  • Handle your System with care to prevent it from falling thereby creating an issue with the Monitor.

images (17)


Keyboard is a System Hardware that grants you a platform to give commands to the other parts that makes up a system. Believe me without it your system won’t be fun to operate.


To keep your keyboard safe here are some healthy Tips you need to know

  • Avoid spillage on a keyboard- when any liquid substance are poured on a keyboard, it creates an avenue for the keyboard to get damaged, not just the keyboard but also the Mother Board
  • Avoid eating close to the keyboard to prevent particles from entering the Keyboard.
  • Don’t play video games the require hitting a particular key with your keyboard
  • Clean up the Keyboard with a Tissue when dusty

images (25)


Battery gives the System the appropriate power required to do it’s data processing. Every Battery have the amount of time they can last without connecting to a Power Supply. Without the Battery  your system won’t power on at all.

images (29)

Here are some Tips to keep your Better Healthy

  • Unplug when charged- so many forget to unplug their Battery when Charged, some can leave it for two to three day without Unplugging, it’s a bad way to care for your Battery if you want it to last
  • Avoid punching you Battery with sharp objects
  • Avoid taking it close to Fire for it can cause an explosion
  • Keep away from spillage.

images (28)

To get more tips on how to keep your Systems Hardware safe and Clues in Managing your Software keep in track of our post by following us.

Thanks for Reading

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