Doubt is a feeling of Uncertainty or lack of Conviction.

The Reason why so many Doubt is because they don’t know what they have, What they can do, and the Power they Possess. “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” ― William Shakespeare
Doubts are Limitation, They are Mountains, They lessen your self worth, they create a fear in us that never allow us to attempt… Not until we get rid of doubt we can’t move on… In Life we won’t go far with Doubt, Try Putting your faith to work… Start speaking Motivating Words, Believe in Yourself, Have a Mindset of  “I can Do it”, “It’s Going to Work Fine for Me”, “I have all it takes to become victorious”… **If Moses was told before He encountered God that the rod on his Hand can turn to a serpent, i knew He would have Doubted it…  But after the encounter, He was Convinced that He has all it takes to Face Pharaoh, the Power in him was unleashed**

Not until we give our faith a try, we will remain lost in the World of Doubts. Those who dwells in doubts will never know what faith really is…
To Overcome get rid of Doubts.. For our Strength is not in Doubts but Believes.


Thanks for reading, your comments and contributions are welcomed… Together our Thought Will Press


23 thoughts on “DOUBTS (ii)

  1. Knowing what one believes before the doubts come, helps keep one focused in time of doubt.
    I like the poster I saw on wordpress last week that said, “Don’t dig up in Doubt what was planted in Faith!”


  2. This is a nice post about the doubts in a person’s life. You have explained the concept very well. Doubtless world is impossible because if you have no doubts you cannot improve yourselves. Watch out for my upcoming post on Winners and Losers exclusively on My Theory which is also a very different idea.


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