Has Internet Replaced Oxygen (Jothish Joseph)


21st century, the age of modern gadgets and the evolving networks! Every new innovation we know about took place around the beginning of this century. A lot has changed in these years. Smartphones have been increasing in size and clothes are getting shorter. Trends keep coming and going. 2G network was once a dream but now we are looking at 5G. 

A lot has changed and certainly a lot has been forgotten. At school we all were taught that we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Thanks to global warming carbon dioxide is still in the headlines. 

I stay in a hostel and recently there have been some power cuts. As soon as the electricity goes everyone in the hostel is disturbed. The next thing people do is check if the neighbour has electricity. All of a sudden everyone is restless. The longer the delay the more restless people get. More importantly all these restless people were basically doing nothing productive, they might have been just scrolling through the pages of social media, watching some video on YouTube, chatting with their girlfriends and a very few may be talking to their parents. 

Another example, on another occasion the WiFi stops receiving data and as a result internet is not working. As soon as this happens even the most passive individual reacts and there will a question,”Wi-Fi is not working or what?” If the WiFi is accidentally unplugged then,”Who turned off the WiFi?”

There have been instances when a totally unfamiliar person walks into your room and asks,”Is your WiFi working?, If yes, please tell me your password, I need to urgently call my parents.” After a few moments you will see him standing outside chatting on Facebook! They won’t greet you but will definitely smile when they get the password. The Moto of WiFi should be”Connecting unknown people!”

Such quick responses! We cannot live without internet for a moment. If it’s not working then the next conservative action is going to sleep. Do we have nothing else to do in this world other than using the internet and sleeping? 

We know if the internet is working but we don’t know if we are breathing! 

Suppose we go out with our family for a meal, we need to choose between two restaurants. Both have good food but one has free WiFi and the other doesn’t. Which one gets the nod? 

Most of us keep ourselves upto date with the latest technology but not all of us know about what is happening in our society. 

I don’t know about other countries but in India when a kid grows up the first thing he/she dreams of is a smartphone. After getting one, they will keep exploring the internet and be very particular about regularly checking for notifications but in this process have forgotten to give attention to the people who bought this smartphone for them.  

Virtual reality, great innovation! There are people who are dying to get one of those gadgets to get a theatre like experience. How about going to a theatre itself with family? Wouldn’t that be nice too? 

Maybe we should question ourselves and the priorities we have set. Priorities keep changing but needs are always needs!
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17 thoughts on “Has Internet Replaced Oxygen (Jothish Joseph)

  1. Very well said friend, net has bought us all together but not emotionally or physically but virtually and now this virtual world is alluring us with all his fancies.
    Hope we relaise this soon and start utilizing it for us and for our benefit not the other way round.
    Great post.

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