fear (Part 3)


 (Think & Feel Fear?)

If what we think and Feel always come true, the world would have been a paradise… But it is not always so, then, why do we think and feel fear?. why do we give the fear we feel and think control our Dreams?..

Show me a man who gives his time and consciousness to Success, and bravery as ought to be given to fear and i will show you a man who will be great…

we as humans spend more of our time on fiction and also allows them to decide our Destinies…. what a waste…

It is time we say “No”… Feelings are not always right… don’t always believe them.

Life is too precious to be spent by what we feel… We deserve better, we should never allow the thought of fear stop us from taking that brave step…

It is time for us to Face everything and Rise, time to stop those fears which has made us cry, Time to fulfill those dreams and make them shine… You can overcome only when You believe You will…


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