A Story On Purpose


Mr Shedrick is a renowned Doctor, his wife Faith is a Banker, they have only one son whose name is Philip. On a Faithful Saturday Mr. Shedrick called his son Philip into his room and sat him down.  (By this time Philip was about choosing his subjects in school which  will in turn determine his career)

My son, how are you Mr. Shedrick said, am good Dad replied Philip.  Well the reason i called you here is to talk to you about something which is very important. When I was at your age and on this very stage you are in, My dad which was your grand dad before he passed on called me into his room and told me, “Son, i know its time for you to choose your courses which you would want to study in school, and i know you are very intelligent, so i would want you to become a Doctor, because it has always been my aspirations that my First Son will become a Doctor, and i know that you (Shedrick) will not allow this desire of mine to fall”.

I went on with what my Dad told me and I came out well with good grades, got employed in one of the biggest hospitals, and by my works am the talk of the town… But you know what? am never happy, because this wasn’t my dream,                      charles-darwin-1-this-is-not-what-i-wanted-to-be-remembered-for

this wasn’t the reason why i am here on earth. Though my work is good, but  what i wanted for myself was to become a Lawyer. I have the money, I have the fame, we live in luxury, but am not happy with whom i am…


So son, sometimes it’s not all about the money, the fame, but it’s about what brings you joy and peace, it’s about your purpose, it’s about why you are here. I haven’t lived my dreams, am still living the dreams of my dad, this makes me living my Dad and not living Me. So Philip, live your dreams and live it big…

The world is but an empty vessel which needs to filled up by what you have to offer and not what you were asked to offer —- Prinxy


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