Time Factor ( Growth )

We all become what we want to be in Time. Growth happens in time.

The cycle of life makes it known that  every living being is first a Baby, the Baby being then moves on to becoming a Teenager and then Progresses to becoming a Youth and finally the then Baby becomes a Man. This process doesn’t just happens at a go, but with time the progression happens.

If True that there is a Time and a Season for everything, then we should also know that our life is Timed. What we grow into is determined by what will feed our life with daily. You want to experience positive growth in Business, Academics and in your Marital Life, then feed your life with positive things that will push the growth out in time.

If you are doing the wrong things with your time, then eventually a Time will come when you will have to sit and watch how you have lived your life and say to yourself, “how are wish i knew”.

If you are  working hard, trying all your best to see that you become  great, successful and still you can’t behold any evidence of your works, know that in Time it’s all going to turn out well and Beautiful, and you’ll be amazed at what your effort has produced.

Thanks for your Time, Stay Blessed


The series continues…  stay tuned for more


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