Are you having any issue with your system. Is your System giving you a Hard Time?

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2 thoughts on “Troubled?

    • Hello Jide, for your system to power on & fan spinning but not displaying…. There are few things that could result to this….
      -Bad RAM
      -Bad Monitor
      -Corrupt OS
      -Graphics Card
      -Bad Hard Drive
      Solutions –>
      *** Remove your RAM and rob the metallic surface (#sometimes called RAM’s teeth) to any metal (metal could be your screw driver, or a coin) to remove static current you can also use spirit and a clean cloth to clean it, if issue persist try another RAM on it.. Just to be sure .
      ***use external monitor to check if it will display, if it does display, know your monitor might be faulty and try replacing it… But if it doesn’t display, I guess you will want to check your connector, that runs from mother board to the screen port.
      *** after testing on an external monitor and it displays you would want to take note of your kind of screen.. There are paper screen, there are Normal(also called module less-screen), and there are module screen…
      For the paper screen, it uses a programmed sub board that flashes light to screen, so you can see output… Usually very flat… (I guess that’s why it’s called paper screen).
      For the Normal screen, it have same features as paper screen but not as flat as paper screen.
      For the Module screen, it has a module which is attached to the bottom of your screen. The function is to reflect light to screen so we can see output.
      Sometimes the module might get bad and output on your screen will not be clearly seen unless you point a torch light at it.
      So you should know the kind of screen your system uses..
      ***it could also result from a bad hard drive or a corrupt Operating System.
      Try putting a bootable disc or flash drive and see if it will display.
      ***if your system is AMD it might be the graphics card….
      If all these are checked and problem still persist, Mr. Jide I will advice you change your Board…

      If you want to Trouble shoot your system but you are not an Engineer and you reside in Lagos Nigeria, you can locate a registered HP Service Centre or contact Cybercom @
      No 1 Adekpele, off Medical Road, Suite 30, Computer Village, Ikeja Lagos.
      Phone : 09034504163

      Hope this helps…. Thanks Jide… Lovely Comment. 👍


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